Osuna Art & Antiques is a gallery specializing in the sale of museum-quality, original works of art. The artists represented work in a wide range of media in painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. We maintain a large collection of works by European Old Masters, 18th- and 19th-century Latin American and European artists, and Contemporary 20th- and 21st-century artists. Our collections also include furniture, silver, and other Decorative Art.


“With its impressive Old Masters, life-size marble sculpture and skillful use of lighting, art dealer Ramon Osuna’s gallery looks like someone’s fantasy of a 19th-century European museum.”

– The Washington Post


“Washington Color Field painters look fresh at Osuna Art. (…) One of the most striking things about the exhibit is the condition of the paintings. Out of the stored private collections of Ramon Osuna and gallery co-owner Robert Lennon, these paintings are literally, not only figuratively, fresh and unsullied.”

– The Gazzete


“Refreshingly eclectic. A brand-new gallery in a buttoned-up locale — a glass-enclosed space off the wood-paneled lobby of a downtown Bethesda office building. It’s awfully stuffy in here, but Osuna’s eclectic selection refreshes.” 

-The Washington Post


Osuna Art & Antiques

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